Digital Resources

The following list is an amalgamation put together from many of the resources which I have either stumbled across myself or (more frequently) found linked from Twitter. I have used them all and reference most of them regularly. My personal favorites are marked with asterisks, but don’t skimp — they’re all highly valuable resources.


Black Hills Information Security
Lesley Carhart *
Schneier on Security


Docker Images for InfoSec Tools
Easily Report Phishing and Malware – @SwiftOnSecurity
Malware Archaeology Windows Cheat Sheets
  • Windows Logging
  • Windows Advanced Logging
  • Windows HUMIO Logging
  • Windows Splunk Logging
  • Windows File Auditing
  • Windows Registry Auditing
  • Windows PowerShell Logging
Passing OSCP
Researcher Resources – How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter
Windows Security From the Ground Up – @SwiftOnSecurity *



Brakeing Down Incident Response – Bryan Brake and Michael Gough *
Brakeing Down Security – Bryan Brake, Brian Boettcher, and Amanda Berlin
Paul’s Security Weekly


Breaking in Bad – Jayson Street *
Everything Old is New Again – Cindy Jones *
How Not to Infosec – Dan Tentler *
Infosec and Failure – Ange Albertini